At Milnerton High School, we offer two types of Cultural Tours, the activities of which are carefully planned to accommodate a broad spectrum of interests. 

Parents sometimes ask: "Isn't it just a holiday?"

The simple answer is "No". 

When we experience a new culture, it changes us. We are enriched by the collective experience of other people, expressed in their history, art and traditions.

They give us a different outlook on life: we discover new geography; new ways of living, eating, worshiping, entertaining; new ways of organizing society and finding our place in it; new challenges and ways of overcoming them.

Travelling also helps us grow as individuals. It teaches us to be co-operative, resourceful and responsible, and look out for each other.

So yes, we will have a good time. Yes, we will be "on holiday", but we will also gain knowledge about our world and, more importantly, about ourselves ... and that is about as educational as it gets!

While any overseas travel is expensive, our tours work on a 2-year planning cycle which gives learners enough time to raise funds.

Mrs Leigh-Ann Pringle

Mrs Pringle's special focus is Art and her tours revolve around the great galleries of Europe.

Past Tours:


Ms Sandra Lynne 

Ms Lynne's special focus is culture and history and her tours revolve around UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Past Tours: